That's me! 

That's me! 

Oh, hello! I'm Cherise, and I'm a journalist and freelance writer based in Atlantic Canada– Saint John, New Brunswick to be exact.

What I do: I'm the associate editor and staff writer at Huddle Today, an online business magazine that covers New Brunswick and the Maritimes. It launched in September 2015. It's still very much a startup and it's the coolest job in the world. Previously, I've worked for CBC New Brunswick, The Canadian Press, the Telegraph-Journal and a few other great places.

I also host a vinyl podcast and blog called Strange Grooves with my friend Cait Milberry. We review the records we love and chat with other vinyl collectors in the community and beyond. I also post about my record collection here (see "Vinyl Blog").

Where I’m from: I was born in raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, the gritty, charming, industrial port city many people love to hate. 

What I love: Bob Dylan, beer, vinyl, nachos, live music, podcasts and soaker tubs. 

Contact: CheriseLetson @ gmail dot com (unless you're a jerk)