About Cherise


Please allow me to introduce myself…

I'm Cherise, and I'm a journalist and professional writer based in Atlantic Canada– Saint John, New Brunswick to be exact.

What I do: 

I'm the associate editor and staff writer at Huddle Today, an online business magazine that covers New Brunswick and the Maritimes. Previously, I've worked for CBC New Brunswick, The Canadian Press, The Telegraph-Journal and a few other great places.

I offer my writing services for collaborations with local creators and professionals who could use some help in telling their story. Check out the “Collaborate ” tab to learn more.

I also co-host a weekly podcast and blog called Strange Grooves with my friend Cait Milberry. We chat with musicians, music lovers and record collectors in the community and beyond about the music they love. Since launching in September 2017, Strange Grooves has grown to become an online platform to elevate people's love of music. We've since added additional shows and have regular blog contributors.

Where I’m from: 

I was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, the gritty, charming, industrial port city many people love to hate. 

What I love: 

Bob Dylan, beer, vinyl, nachos, live music, podcasts and soaker tubs.